Day 285

Also woke up earlier, just tiny bit – at 7am. Took shower and cooked lunch 😇
I’m really fed up with overground – it takes more time to get anywhere and it takes a lot of money (cycling for 9 months saved me up around £1000…). So even though it was raining i took a bike, turned podcast on and cycled to work.

Had a super challenging lunchtime ride at psycle with A.D. – 45min of absolute madness. After a ride my legs were like jelly 🔥

Also, didn’t really noticed but it’s my 7th day without sweets. I tried no sugar challenge in October and first week was super hard. Now? I actually forgot that i’m doing it – not having sweets is so easy now. Except yesterday evening i don’t have cravings for chocolate ❤️

On a way home I listened to a podcast from Yoga Girl about astrology – really interesting one. Started with a little intro, that Egyptians invented astrology – at that moment she got all my attention.

I was really tempted to just lay down once i got home but forced myself to go to kitchen and eventually spent 2h there cooking, doing dishes, eating – feels way better than just laying down + we have a nice lunch and smoothie for tomorrow 🙂


– bike ride 7.5km
– psycle ride 45
– bike ride 7.5km

– choco smoothie
– bircher with pear, chia and protein powder
– brown rice pasta with fried tomato, onion and tofu + pesto
– coffee, orange (never eat orange after coffee!)
– olives, 2x protein bread with tofurky and butter



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